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Health always on board.

Conheça o Dr. Dutra

Board with health
and safety.

Seamedical is a company specialized in medical services dedicated to the crew of cargo ships and cruises in the main ports of Brazil and the world. Since 2017 in the market, we are committed to providing exceptional care, taking into consideration the specific needs of each individual, in order to ensure the health and well-being of all crew members.


Our personalized approach allows us to provide tailored health solutions for each case, demonstrating our commitment to delivering the best possible care, with a strong understanding of the medical, operational, and financial challenges of the Shipping industry and security solutions to support your business.

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Our medical services are of high quality and cover various specialties, including examinations, medication supply, home care, physiotherapeutic treatments, dressings, hospitalizations, and surgeries when necessary.

Our goal is to provide humane and efficient care, optimizing the time for the crew member to be attended within the available period.

We have a highly qualified concierge and transportation team, ensuring a complete and convenient service


Sea Medical stands out for its excellent onboard medical services,

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Health solutions for crew on Brazilian soil.

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Wide network of medical assistance throughout the national territory.

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24-hour telemedicine service.

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Repatriation service with specialized team.

Sea Medical Team

The Sea Medical team has an extensive understanding of the medical, operational and financial challenges facing the shipping industry. We are ready to provide comprehensive maritime health and safety solutions, ensuring the best support for your business.

Our mission is to provide medical care to ship crews throughout Brazil, in a humane and efficient manner.

We seek to be the health solution, offering a specialized care network that adds experience, technology and logistics.

Our core values ​​are humanization, logistics, efficiency and experience.



Rua Guaiaó 66 . sala 2814
Aparecida . Santos
São Paulo . SP . Brasil
CEP 11035-260



+55 13 98161-0379

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